Top 10 #WillFails

1. The will-maker appoints an executor who has passed away or is unable or unwilling to act and there is no substitute executor provided;

2. The Will being incorrectly signed and witnessed;

3. Failing gifts (i.e. the will-maker specifically gifts his gold Sea-Dweller Rolex watch to his nephew but later sells that watch before he passes away);

4. The will-maker failing to deal with the entire estate resulting in a partial intestacy;

5. The will-maker attempting to do something which is not enforceable, such as disinheriting one of her children, placing unreasonable conditions on a gift or providing incorrect powers to the executor;

6. Executors, beneficiaries or gifts being ambiguously identified;

7. The will-maker failing to consider contingencies such as a beneficiary passing away before they do;

8. Incorrectly making amendments;

9. Failing to name testamentary guardians for minor children;

10. Assets gifted to minor children not being adequately held on trust for them.

Top 10 #WillFails