Is your Will out of date?

These are unprecedented and uncertain times. The importance of having a comprehensive and up to date estate plan cannot be stressed enough, particularly in the current climate.

Unsure where to start? 

Rayners Lawyers have developed the below checklist to help you to determine whether your estate plan is valid and up to date: 

  1. Do you have a Will that was prepared by an estate planning lawyer?
  2. Does your Will accord with your wishes?
  3. Does your Will make sense?
  4. Does your Will gift the whole of your estate?
  5. Is your nominated executor and trustee still willing and able to carry out their role?
  6. Have you married since you prepared your Will?
  7. Have you separated since you prepared your Will?
  8. Have you nominated a guardian to look after your minor children?
  9. Do you have a binding superannuation death benefits nomination?
  10. Have you appointed a guardian and attorney to make financial and health decisions for you in the event that you lose capacity through old age, illness or accident?

Didn’t score 10/10? 

Contact Rayners Lawyers and invest in an estate plan that will provide you with certainty and peace of mind.

Is your Will out of date?