DIY Will - Risks and Pitfalls

"Why should I pay a solicitor to do my Will when I can do it myself for $30?"

That's a very good question. 

You can certainly pick up a DIY Will online or at your local Post Office or Newsagency for a fraction of the cost of having a solicitor prepare a Will on your behalf BUT are you saving yourself and your loved ones time and money in the long run? 

If you draft your own Will and it is ambiguous in any way, it can be misinterpreted and in some cases, deemed to be invalid. Such Wills cost your Estate and your loved ones both time and money. Additionally, if your Will is contested, the value of your Estate can quickly be eaten up by expensive court litigation fees, leaving your loved ones next to nothing. 

A Will is one of the most important legal documents you will ever have. Don't let "just anyone" prepare one for you. Do it right the first time and save yourself and your loved ones time and money down the track. 

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DIY Will - Risks and Pitfalls